DAHLIA wins 'Best singer/songwriter'

I'm thrilled to share that the lovely and talented DAHLIA was named 'BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER' at the 2017 Toronto Independent Music Awards for her single 'Dreamlova' (produced by yours truly!)

She was also runner up for 'Song of The Year'. Many many congrats lady! Truly well deserved :)

You can hear the song HERE

Broke and Famous TV Cameo...

As odd as it may seem, yours truly will be seen playing non other than Michael Jackson (yes, Michael Jackson!) on Reelz Network's show 'Broke and Famous'. No, I did not have to dance. What a bizarre, awesome, humbling experience...

This was such a reminder of what a monumental talent this man was. Many thanks to Broke and Famous for this short-but-wild experience...


On unrelated news, it seems ya'll have the misfortune of putting up with my blown up face across Toronto! It'll be at least couple of months, so sincere apologies...

Many thanks to Beck for the opportunity to humble brag!

We on the radio...

DAHLIA's first single 'Dreamlova' (produced by yours truly) has been circulating all over the radio across Canada. The song's been getting a lot of on-air love! Congrats Dahls :)

You can hear it HERE

DAHLIA EP release!

After working on this project for a couple of years I'm happy to announce that Dahlia Fernandes just released her new EP 'SHIFT'!

It's been a pleasure producing this record, (which turn out quite nicely if I may say so!). Check some of it out HERE

Congrats sweet Dahls :)

'ODD SQUAD' Cameo...

Today I had the pleasure of shooting a little cameo for "Odd Squad"! The episode will air on PBS and TVO later this year. 

Odd Squad's first season won 4 Emmy awards, so I was in very good company on set today...!

Canadian Screen Awards Win!

Our golden child 'Tactical Girls' just won at the Canadian Screen Awards for 'Best Performance By an Actress In A Digital Series' for our very own Melissa D'Agostino! 

This is the show's second award win in the last month. I had the pleasure of doing all sound postproduction for the series... #humblebrag!

Congrats Mel!

Night Time TV Appearance

Many thanks to 'Night Time' for having me on the show today!

We chatted about looping, music projects... and the fact that everyone seems to think I'm a singer in addition to being a producer! I guess I could have just started singing on-air to quickly put that myth to an end... 

Thanks to Arlene Paculan for a fun interview!

'Humble & Fred' radio appearance

We payed Humble & Fred's morning show a visit this morning with my friend and singer Dahlia Fernandes to talk about music, upcoming projects... and our ethnic backgrounds? We also had a little acoustic jam. Fun times...

Thanks to Humble & Fred for having us!

New video release

A few years ago I discovered looping and Ableton Live. For someone who enjoys dabbling with various instruments it was a total game changer...

I decided to make this little video sharing my approach to looping. It features the lovely Shyann. Enjoy!

Culture Labs youth program

I've been asked by the Mississauga Arts Council to be a mentor this year's Culture Labs program. The event is a day-long series of joint seminars and break out workshops geared towards young people considering artistic careers.

As tempting as it is to tell these kids to run the other way... I can't wait to hear what they have to say and hopefully help guide them in the right direction! Many thanks to the Art Council for the invite!


Metalworks Institute shoutout

The good folks at Metalworks Institute just published this alumni update featuring yours truly... Many thanks to Candice Briddles and Ron Rogers!

National Endorsement

I just signed an endorsement deal with Fido for the marketing for their new home-internet. They decided to cross-promote with 3 Canadian artists and I'm honoured to be one of them. Plus I didn't have to sell my soul for this one, which was nice... they couldn't have been cooler.

 You can catch the posters and commercials at Fido stores as well as their website: fido.ca 

Thanks Fido!

New live video

Me and Shyann just released a new live video for 'Green Mellotron'.

We had a lot of fun shooting this. Lots of looping, lots of live instruments, lots of beatiful singing...

Watch it HERE

Angry Planet

I had the pleasure of producing the title track for the award-winning network show 'Angry Planet'.

You'll be able to catch it in networks such as The Weather Channel, MTV3 Finland, Travel Channel and Outdoor Life Network.

Joining forces with The Eggplant Collective

I've been approached by The Eggplant Collective to join the team an be a part of their roster of award-winning producers and composers.

The Eggplant Collective is one of the most highly regarded music houses in Canada. Their label 'The Eggplant Stereo' currently features over 1000 signed artists from all over the world. 

This is a huge honour. I'm really looking forward to working with these guys! 

Visit The Eggplant for more info