Hi. My name is Nick Londoño, but you can call me Nick Name. All my friends do. 

As a Toronto-based musician, producer and composer, I’m in the business of making things sound good. I love what I do and I’m lucky to do it every day. 

Some of my work has been featured on all across Canada and internationally, including  many international film festivals. And not to brag, but recently I was named “Emerging New Media Artist Of The Year” at The Marty awards. Please don’t hold that against them.

Recently, I joined forces with The Eggplant Collective, one of the most highly regarded music houses in Canada. Our label currently has over 1,000 signed artists from all over the world, and we are heavily involved on major film and advertising placements.

Please feel free to say hello, I’m always looking for new people. Working with great talent is how we continue to grow...